The Best Primer For Oily Eyelids

For as long as I've been doing makeup, I've struggled with one thing - oily eye lids. Many primers, concealers, & dollars later, I came to the (sad) conclusion that smokey eyes, as well as eye shadow primers, just weren't for me & this was a problem I wasn't going to solve. That is until this past Halloween, when I wanted to experiment with colorful, long lasting looks & took a chance on one product that I had high hopes for.

I discovered the brand, Kryolan, several years ago, while I was working as a special effects makeup artist in Los Angeles. They're a unique brand, offering a wide range of products with formulas made specifically for professional makeup artists. While i was aware of the brand's good reputation, I never spent much time experimenting with their products.

About a month ago, I was planning for my 2020 Halloween looks (Instagram) and came across one of Katie Jane Hughes' Instagram stories where she mentioned a Kryolan product. That inspired me to head over to their website and do a little shopping around. I came across their eye shadow primer and thought I would give this whole primer thing one last try.

I used the eye shadow primer for nearly all of my 2020 Halloween looks and have been using it for my beauty looks on the daily ever since. The primer not only helped with color vibrancy & pigmentation, I also noticed a huge difference in the longevity of my eye shadow. No more greasy eye lids and crease-filled makeup looks! The primer has a super matte finish and a little goes a looong way, so the tube should last a while.

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